Rachel Clifford


Rachel felt from the time that she was a young girl that God was calling her into a "Ministry of Compassion" to those that suffer.  Rachel began working for Tina Smith as her Intake/Administrative Coordinator in December of 2018. In addition, Rachel provides support one afternoon per week at the hospital for sick children as a volunteer. It is her passion to hold, play with, or try to bring a smile to these little ones who have been through suffering beyond his or her years.

Rachel has noticed the theme of suffering in people throughout her experience of trauma and struggle with mental health, witnessing the impact that medical trauma has on families at the hospital, and being an ear to hear people's situations over the phone when they call seeking a therapist.  


She has observed and experienced the freedom of knowing that people are made in God’s image designed intricately as a person with a spirit, soul and body...three parts perfectly woven together. When three parts are interwoven, you cannot harm one without harming the others, and in the same way, you cannot bring healing to the whole person without addressing the individual strands. God began to teach her how important it is to care for the whole person, meeting the needs of people with the love of Jesus.

She is excited to be a part of this annual conference and ministry alongside Tina Smith. It is her prayer that God will use this ministry to educate people on the impact that negative experiences and traumatic wounds have in all three of these areas (spirit, soul and body) of a person’s life, to bring healing, freedom and understanding to the Body of Christ.

Recently, Rachel has been accepted into Liberty University's Bachelors of Science in Psychology-Crisis counselling program.  She has been married to her husband, John, for 13 years and together they have five children, aged 5-12, and a puppy (named Hope).