The mission of this interdenominational conference for men and women is to educate, equip and encourage the Body of Christ with teachings by trained Christian Mental Health Practitioners and individual personal life testimonies in which people have experienced healing with the integration of the whole person (Spirit, Soul and Body).  This conference is dedicated to changing the path of mental health in the Body of Christ that will lead Christians to rise up in their call for the Kingdom of God rather than be oppressed by negative and traumatic past wounds, triggers and symptoms that are leading to the mental health epidemic within the Body of Christ.  We are seeking to awaken the Body of Christ to biblical truth proven by neuroscience that leads to breaking the chains of mental illness.  


We envision an increase in knowledge utilizing the integration of scripture and neuroscience teaching for greater healing.  We believe that every Believer in Jesus Christ is called to Holiness and Righteousness and to be a Disciple of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and broken.  We have a vision to tear down Satan’s walls of deception that people will have to carry the yolk of suffering by equipping you with knowledge that you are designed in the Image of God with a brain and nervous system wired to heal.